Comments About ‘The Golden Age’: Charles Ickowicz

The following message comes to us from Charles Ickowicz, author of Word Power: Vocabulary for Success. We sincerely thank Mr. Ickowicz for his kind words and encourage you to read on to see his unique list of Jewish Achievers.

Dear Stephen-

I very much enjoyed reading your very interesting and well researched book about the contribution of the Jewish people to our culture and society. The many stories of the individuals that you profiled were both fascinating and fun reading. Whether it was about Jews in science, politics, sports, business, the military, or the bad guys, I learned quite a lot both about the individuals and their contribution to our society. Gathering so much information and writing about it must have been a tremendous amount of work.

Additionally, it was very touching to read about your warm feelings toward the Jewish people and your reasons for writing your book.

My parents, both of whom passed away, were both Holocaust survivors. In addition to their experience of the German concentration camps during the Holocaust, they experienced much discrimination and hate throughout their earlier lives in Poland. It was only in America that they finally felt accepted as human beings. Your book is a testament to the words that my Mom and Dad had when they arrived in America- America has a heart.

I wish that they could have lived long enough to read the introduction to your book. It would have helped heal some of the wounds in their life’s journey.

Having written a much smaller book, I am very empathetic to your efforts and will contact some bookstores in the area to make sure they have your book available. I wish you much success in your endeavor.


Charles Ickowicz
Teaneck, New Jersey

I hope that you successfully sell out the first edition and write a second edition. If you do, you may want to check on the following people who are likely to be Jewish.

You have probably received some feedback on the list of people that are Jewish. But in case not.

Paul Allen of Microsoft – I have read that he is Jewish

The founder of Citroen Motors in France was Jewish. Also I know of one or two other people with the name Citron who are Jewish.

I have read that Larry Page of Google has a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father who is an Engineering professor.

Starwood (Sheraton) Hotel Chairman Barry Sternlicht is the son of Holocaust survivors. I don’t know of his current relationship to the hotel chain but I believe that he was the person who established the Starwood chain.

Also, since you highlighted the travel industry, you may or may not know that Samonsonite luggage was established by a Jewish family in Denver. The name was taken from Samson to suggest that the luggage was very strong.

Again wishing you much success with your book.


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