Apr 28 2010

High Achievers and Other Interesting People: Elmer Winter, Co-Founder of Manpower

Elmer Winter, and his law partner madly scrambled to find emergency secretarial help. That ordeal later inspired them to start Manpower, an international temp agency, an achievement truly worthy of note in our series of ‘High Achievers and Other Interesting People‘.

The following was brought to us from Douglas Martin, of The New York Times:

In April 1948, Mr. Winter and his brother-in-law and law partner, Aaron Scheinfeld, had to file a brief on a tight deadline with the Wisconsin Supreme Court. They could find no one to type it.

They finally hunted down their former secretary and persuaded her to toil until dawn. Their problem was solved, but they thought about the experience. They recalled a legal client who supplied short-term laborers for unloading freight cars. Maybe they could do the same thing for a broader range of employers.

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