May 27 2010

Jewish American Heritage Month Celebrates the Famous and Not-So-Famous

The following article further documenting the reception honoring Jewish American Heritage Month at the White House is brought to us by Fox News’ White House Blog. Here, “The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement” author Steven L. Pease discusses the possible political undertone behind the event but further, that with Mr. Obama hosting and for this administration, “there is no downside”.

It’s not quite a State Dinner, but an event in Washington on Thursday brings its own star power. The Obama administration is set to host the first ever reception to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month (which happens to be May) and rumors are swirling that some big names could be arriving at the White House.

There’s no confirmed guest list (yet), but there are reports that the attendees range from sports legends to writers to members of the Jewish community who contribute every day within Jewish organizations. The White House says the event won’t be like the Hanukkah reception with religious leaders as guests. Instead the administration chose to focus on Americans who contribute to the culture of the country and also happen to be Jewish.

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May 7 2010

Comments About ‘The Golden Age’: Charles Ickowicz

The following message comes to us from Charles Ickowicz, author of Word Power: Vocabulary for Success. We sincerely thank Mr. Ickowicz for his kind words and encourage you to read on to see his unique list of Jewish Achievers.

Dear Stephen-

I very much enjoyed reading your very interesting and well researched book about the contribution of the Jewish people to our culture and society. The many stories of the individuals that you profiled were both fascinating and fun reading. Whether it was about Jews in science, politics, sports, business, the military, or the bad guys, I learned quite a lot both about the individuals and their contribution to our society. Gathering so much information and writing about it must have been a tremendous amount of work.

Additionally, it was very touching to read about your warm feelings toward the Jewish people and your reasons for writing your book.

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